What is Aflame?

Have you ever felt too busy to spend real quality time with God? Have you ever felt like your time with Him was more of a routine than a relationship?  Have you felt disconnected and defeated because you know the importance of time with God but you can't seem to find the time to fit it in?  We've been there.  Often.  

We are a family-owned Christian gift shop and love providing a service that allows people to encourage, uplift and inspire themselves and others in the faith and in life. But sometimes, we find ourselves going through the motions and not being fully present in our faith and in our lives. 

We decided that we wanted to do more, be more, give more. We decided to create a subscription box designed to help christian women like us fuel their fire for God in the busyness of everyday life. A challenge, we know.  Important, we believe. In God, we trust. We're committed to encouraging christian women to live and enjoy their best life!  A life rooted in Jesus, God's Word, His promises, His protection, His provision, His Love, Mercy, Grace, the true, deep, fulfilling joy of His presence and experiencing life changing intimacy with Him. 

As a family (mother-daughter) owned business (a ma and da shop 😊), we know the challenges of busy hectic lifestyles. We know the struggles that come with striving to make time with God a priority as we face day to day responsibilities, challenges and distractions.  And we also know the feeling we're left with when we are lukewarm and not as connected with God, our faith, ourselves or others in the way that God wants us to be and the way we truly desire to be. We know that it impacts every area of our lives. 


Aflame is a prayerfully curated monthly subscription box for Christian women who want to fuel their fire for God and live the abundant life that Christ came to give while in the busyness of everyday life. Each box is designed to inspire and encourage a deepening satisfying intimacy with God, a growing passionate faith, and a richer joy-filled abundant life. 

Join your fellow sisters in Christ who are eager and passionate about fueling their fire for God, connecting with Him on a deeper level, and living life more abundantly!  

We look forward to connecting with you. Visit us on instagram, send us an e-mail, come talk with us if you see us out and about.  

We are here and eager to connect with you!